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After beginning his career as Marketing Manager of Script Magazine and launching the Scriptwriters Showcase event at Universal Studios, ZACK GUTIN rose to become Vice President of Sales at Final Draft Inc, an industry-leading software firm in media and entertainment.

He lead the launch of several new enterprise products, increasing revenue by nearly 30% YOY, leading to the company’s eight figure acquisition. Following that, in 2015, he launched his firm: ThinkAlike Media

In 2015, Zack consulted with numerous organizations, including a cloud-based start-up for media and entertainment professionals, solidifying their first enterprise accounts. He then helped re-brand and improve sales systems and practices for several legacy products, leading to 30-50% increases in annual revenue.

In 2016, Zack consulted with a small but skilled videography company, accelerating annual revenue from under $200K to $1.2 million, including their expansion into a national firm (now over $5m per year in 2018).

He also spearheaded the efforts to help a small film and television software product solidify an international reseller partner, yielding a 3-year exclusive deal worth over six figures. Doubling that company’s annual revenue, it subsequently lead to the company’s first major capital investment (as well as acquisition offers).

In 2017 and 2018, Zack consulted for iconic entertainment industry brand VARIETY, conducted extensive market research for an emerging software in VR storytelling, expanded his consulting role with a leading tech company in the cannabis industry, and helped a leading software used in the shipping of film reels and gear to close deals with several major companies.

In 2019 he executed influencer product launches in the fashion industry, coordinated on air advertising for a cable TV series, took on his first client involved in the international distribution of films, as well as did social media/press/marketing/partnerships for several documentary films, content creators and a platform for remote video auditions.

Zack also recently welcomed his second child, a son, on Valentine’s Day. He lives with his wife, son and daughter, two dogs and three fish in Los Angeles, CA.