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Cursed Swords – Graphic Novel

The book is a graphic novel which innovatively combines sensory experiences, like carbon smells on burned pages of the book when the main character encounters a fire, providing readers with a reason to have a physical book not a digital version. Secured retail partnerships with comic book chains and developed opportunities with major book retailers, like Target. Also conducted media and press outreach, securing multiple placements on comic book blogs… Read More »Cursed Swords – Graphic Novel


Developed a lead generation strategy to earn retail placement in the health and wellness aisles of major retailers like Costco and Target, while also selling into smaller retail environments inside of fitness centers, including CrossFit. Also conducted outreach to personal trainers and fitness influencers.

Built a retail channel for a brand of hair accessories, including Macy’s, TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning.

KayKay’s Fashion

Implemented outreach strategy to drive a fashion line of women’s hair accessories into major retail outlets, including regional rollouts in TJ Maxx, National rollout at Tuesday Morning stores, online through and more.

Expansive retail outreach to cannabis dispensaries and wellness distributors for a product used to infuse flavors into homemade edibles.


Created wide ranging partnerships for a culinary infusion device used frequently in the cannabis community, including media, influencer, affiliate and retail partnerships, including a six figure international distribution deal in Latin America.