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Lead generation for a chemical toll-blender, targeting industrial chemical manufacturers.


Generated six figure revenues on behalf of a chemical toll-blender by targeting businesses in cleaning supply industries and other chemical manufacturers who outsource overflow production needs. One of the deals that was generated required an additional facility to be secured to handle the volume. This company has very seasonal work in the agriculture industry, the goal was that our outreach would fill the rest of their calendar which has provided… Read More »Kannar

Developed a pipeline of six figure licensing deals for a shipping and logistics industry software, closing deals with major household brands.


Spearheaded business development for a sophisticated Bill of Lading tracking software used in freight shipping, including deals with Lowe’s, Clorox and a mid-six figure licensing deal with Pepsi. This case study is an excellent example of building consensus in sales, as we had built traction with the operations department at Pepsi, but ultimately the buy-in we got by also targeting the warehouse department leaders as well gave us the momentum… Read More »SmartBOL