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Cloud Cover Music

Lead generation to fast food franchise groups, providing marketing for a commercially licensed music platform used in restaurants, retail and other commercial environments. By targeting franchise groups, we were able to avoid corporate decision making while maintaining significant location volume. Each deal yielded dozens of locations of major fast food chains.

Cursed Swords – Graphic Novel

The book is a graphic novel which innovatively combines sensory experiences, like carbon smells on burned pages of the book when the main character encounters a fire, providing readers with a reason to have a physical book not a digital version. Secured retail partnerships with comic book chains and developed opportunities with major book retailers, like Target. Also conducted media and press outreach, securing multiple placements on comic book blogs… Read More »Cursed Swords – Graphic Novel


Developed a lead generation strategy to earn retail placement in the health and wellness aisles of major retailers like Costco and Target, while also selling into smaller retail environments inside of fitness centers, including CrossFit. Also conducted outreach to personal trainers and fitness influencers.


Generated outreach on behalf of an Emmy award winning creative studio and their custom branded metaverse experiences to generate opportunities with iconic companies including a seven figure deal with a global chain of shopping malls.

A publicly traded franchise of hair salons provides franchisees with a proprietary inventory management software solution, which the client wanted to explore selling outside of their franchise network. We were hired to develop their initial pipeline strategy.

Regis Hair Salons

The publicly traded franchise of hair salons provides franchisees with a proprietary inventory management software solution, which the client wanted to explore selling outside of their franchise network. Their in-house sales departments are focused on selling franchise opportunities and not software, so we were hired to develop the initial pipeline.

Contracted by a publicly traded telecommunications company to create demand generation campaigns for B2B products.

Cox Communications

Conducted outreached across four disparate B2B product lines for the innovation division of the $11.5B telecommunications company, targeting broadcast outlets, banking, grocery, and emergency response services. Read their review of ThinkAlike here:

Grew sales for a successful start-up whose software is used in film production, selected for YCombinator 2022 and Forbes 30 Under 30.


Generated sales pipeline and market research activity to film and television productions, contributing to the company being selected for the prestigious YCombinator accelerator program, including a $1.5 million investment. The founders were also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 (

Geo-targeted catering sales for San Francisco area employee meal service featuring meals curated by celebrity chefs.


Geo targeted outreach to large offices in the SF Bay Area on behalf of an in-office employee meal service featuring Michelin Star and Top Chef alumni curated meals, driving engagement metrics as high as 4x industry averages, generating over six figures in annual pipeline.

Film sales outreach to distributors, talent and film packaging, as well as press outreach for a UK based independent film production company.

Theatre of Life Productions

Outreach for distribution sales of independent documentary and feature films, obtaining worldwide release of numerous projects and packaging acting talent and financing for others, as well as publicity efforts behind all projects. Had one distributor purchase the rights to two documentary feature films, then another distributor bought a narrative feature length film, also conducted outreach to talent agent to help package a new film for financing.

Lead generation for a chemical toll-blender, targeting industrial chemical manufacturers.


Generated six figure revenues on behalf of a chemical toll-blender by targeting businesses in cleaning supply industries and other chemical manufacturers who outsource overflow production needs. One of the deals that was generated required an additional facility to be secured to handle the volume. This company has very seasonal work in the agriculture industry, the goal was that our outreach would fill the rest of their calendar which has provided… Read More »Kannar