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Director of Marketing

When she was 10 years old, DANA HAHN asked her father to film a movie on his new VHS camcorder. He responded with, “show me the script and I’ll consider it.” That led to the production of “Shark!” – a 5-minute film shot on a lake in Indiana with Dana’s cousins as the actors, and her first (and last) writing credit.

Dana fell in love with the creative writing process and 12 years later graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Media Arts. Since graduating, she has been helping writers and filmmakers find their voice.

Dana interned in the writers’ room of Chuck Lorre’s Dharma & Greg, read more scripts than she can count as a Literary Agent Associate at a boutique agency, and made the transition to sales and marketing when she realized that as an agent associate she constantly had to say “no,” but wanted to say “yes!”

This desire to help writers and filmmakers led to Dana’s position as Director of Sales and Marketing for The Writers Store. There she was able to help educate people on the tools, services, and events that were available to them to help them hone their craft.

After seven years, Dana left The Writers Store to join Final Draft, Inc., the industry-leading screenwriting software company. In her role as Vice President of Marketing, she created and designed all marketing campaigns, implemented new analytic procedures, coordinated strategic sponsorships and partnerships, and produced the prestigious Final Draft Awards.

Dana joined ThinkAlike Media in 2016 to work with Zack Gutin, a great mind who shares her principles and vision for the future of the industry that they both love and nurture.