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Interview with Zack Gutin of Think Alike Media

Interview with Zack Gutin of Think Alike Media Episode 44 – On Why Great Minds Think Alike and Scripting the Stories of Marketing #contentmarketing, #filmmaking, #insight, #interviews, #marketing, #marketingresearch, #marketingstrategy, #marketlistening, #persuasion, #sales, #storytelling, #strategicthoughtleadership, #thoughtleadershipmarketing   What this episode will do for you Zack Gutin. Join us as we dive into the world of storytelling and its powerful impact on marketing with our guest Zack Gutin, the president and founder of Think Alike Media. Zack Gutin is a seasoned marketing strategist and sales expert with a remarkable track record in the media and entertainment industry. Formerly the Vice President of Sales at Final Draft Inc, he played a pivotal role in driving

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The Benefits of Hyper-Personalization for B2B (video)

Due to a lack of skills, resources, or time, companies usually choose a broad approach for their outreach instead of trying segmentation. Thus, in this Expert Insight Interview, Zack Gutin discusses hyper-personalization as the main differentiator. Zack Gutin is the President and Founder of ThinkAlike Media, helping B2B companies in their outreach. The interview discusses: The Benefits Improvement in targeting and messaging strategies brings better results when it comes to the company’s outreach. If messages that we send to the audience are too broad, nobody will get intrigued by them. For the message to stand out among thousands of marketing

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How ThinkAlike Agency Generated $250k in Revenue Using Mailshake

Luiz Cent    How do you build an outsourced sales team from scratch? According to Zack Gutin, the key is relentlessness and the right technology. Gutin is the Founder of ThinkAlike Media, which is an LA-based marketing firm serving primarily B2B companies in media, entertainment, and technology. Gutin’s bread and butter is direct B2B sales outreach and media exposure. Cold email is his company’s specialty. With it, they generate leads, book product demos, and focus on getting a meeting. Gutin has been using Mailshake for over five years and can easily manage upwards of 20 clients simultaneously thanks to its built-in

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How ThinkAlike Inc Uses Mailshake to Help its Clients Close Six-Figure Deals

Sujan Patel    Using Cold Email Outreach to Help Clients Sell Smarter ThinkAlike Inc. is an LA-based consultancy that helps ambitious B2B brands sell their product. Working predominantly with small companies that create tech solutions for the media and entertainment industries, the ThinkAlike team is absolutely amazing at cold email outreach. Generating leads and booking product demos is their bread and butter. And Mailshake plays a huge part in what they do. Starting Valuable Conversations Through Hyper-Personalization Throughout the years, the ThinkAlike team has developed a watertight lead gen process based around sourcing potential prospects via LinkedIn Sales Navigator, then targeting them

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