Research Associate

While living in Ventura, California, TIFFANY CONNELLY struck an opportunity to design visual content for a vegan superfood company. She was to encourage engagement between clients and colleagues around a company built off of kindness to animals and healthy living, and discovered how rewarding marketing with a positive purpose is.


After day one at Boku Superfoods, she began her educational venture into marketing at Ventura College and continually attends seminars and workshops to strengthen her abilities.


In the years that followed, she continued as a digital marketing professional in content creation and client engagement for the natural health industry, the nonprofit sector, and the new flavorful field of emerging technologies.


While working as Marketing Project Manager at the virtual reality startup company Mean Cat Entertainment, Tiffany organized content for the first live broadcast of the Oscars in virtual reality for their client, The Associated Press.


After that success, Tiffany was promoted to Chief Of Content and supervised all related content deliverables for Mean Cat Entertainment.


As of late, Tiffany mostly involves herself with marketing research. She feels that her work is a fun and ever-changing puzzle, teaching her how to better the world through the skills of promotion and outreach.


Tiffany recently teamed up with ThinkAlike Media and loves to work with their variety of diverse clients. What she finds most rewarding in her work is helping positive-minded companies and entrepreneurs grow.


When not working, you will find her traveling from coast to coast, volunteering at animal sanctuaries, laughing with her awesome family, or perhaps just petting a random dog.