Implemented a scalable, end to end sales and marketing strategy helping an elite group of cinematographers grow their business from under $200K in annual revenue to over $5M.

One of my clients is a high-end wedding cinematography company which was originally servicing just the Southern California area, but which had ambitions to grow into a national brand. 

Their unique style was able to be replicated by finding qualified filmmaking talent in specific markets, training them on a style guide, but centralizing all of the sales and marketing efforts. 

We initially rolled out email campaigns in Southern California to form referral partnerships with other local wedding vendors like hotel chains and wedding planners, then replicated that process in each new market they wanted to expand into.

deployed sophisticated email automation and lead follow-up processes to close sales. 

Their revenues when I was hired in July 2015 were just shy of $200K, through their expansion in 2016 they hit $1.4M, in 2017 cleared $3.5M and in 2019 hit $5M (now with 20 employees!)

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